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We envisage a future of solar powered, autonomous, self-learning robots with powerful AI engines that roam inside greenhouses and arable plots 24/7 with minimal human supervision.

Our mission is to empower growers to reap the benefits of true precision agriculture. We approach this mission through a series of ingenious devices suitable for greenhouses & uneven terrain. We popularize precision agriculture and bring its benefits to a much wider audience than today.

We aim to become a globally recognized laboratory famous for its robotic solutions to agriculture and beyond.

Our Products


A fast moving cablebot
for greenhouses.


An agile quadruped
for uneven terrains.


The Technology

  • AI neural engine
  • Solar powered
  • Measures: humidity, temperature, air composition & intensity, sunshine, rainfall
  • Collects: RGB & spectral images (optional)

The Benefits

  • Early warning for diseases and plant stress
  • Smart irrigation / fertilization*
  • Reduced inputs / Increased yields
  • Better overall yield quality
    *in collaboration with our OEM electric valve controller (8-16 irrigation zones) 


Aeir has been designed to roam greenhouses in a fast and efficient way.
It collects 
vital microclimate data and transmits all this information to the system controller (flow valve). Based on its AI engine the system then decides on the irrigational needs of the greenhouse and operates all the climate control automations of the installation.

Currently suitable for selected crops, more are being added on a regular basis.

Release date: Spring 2021


The Technology

  • 16 DOF (degrees of freedom) – 4 legs & 1 robotic arm
  • Obstacle recognition & avoidance
  • Collects: RGB images
  • Can collaborate with Aeir & the smart irrigation installation

The Advantages

  • Moves freely on any terrain (terrain agnostic)
  • Up close plant inspection
  • Continuous weeding


Gaia has been specifically designed for use in the rugged terrains of vineyards and olive groves around the Mediterranean basin. It carries an array of sensors including a soil sensor, enabling it to perform soil checks at various points in the field. We are currently investigating its weeding ability without the use of chemicals.

Please contact us for further consultation.

Release date: To be announced


KYTION Labs belongs to the Patras innovation ecosystem that is developing around Patras University. Based inside the grounds of Patras Science Park, the company is structured between two electrical engineers and a seasoned business executive who also happens to be a precision agriculture expert.

Whilst our first Aeir cablebot pilots roam farms and greenhouses from Meteora in central Greece to the southernmost island of Crete, we are preparing the launch of our MVP Aeir system in spring 2021, whilst our Gaia agbot is destined to stay-on in the barracks for a little longer.

KYTION Labs is currently raising its pre-seed round.

Our Support

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Our Team

Nikos-Kyriakos Papastavros

Software Developer

Graduate Electrical Engineer, University of Patras. Nikos is the thinker behind the team and has the necessary background to understand issues in the field.

Dionysios Bitas

Hardware Developer

Graduate Electrical Engineer, University of Patras. Dionysios has been building robotic systems for as far as he can remember, including UAV’s.

Marios Prapopoulos

Business Developer

A UMIST MSc graduate and a PA expert. Marios, an entrepreneur at heart, has been dealing with the agro-garden sector for at last 20 years.